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founder of The Flow Up, Certified Yoga, and Reiki Practitioner, Podcaster, Tarot Reader, Wife, and Mother of 3 wild souls. 

Jerrell's yoga journey started 8 years ago after the birth of her second child. Initially, she sought out yoga for strength, flexibility and stress relief. Over time, her path led to a more mindful union between mind, body + spirit.  After obtaining her Yoga Certification, Jerrell curated The Flow Up's Annual, Yoga + Hiking Self Care Retreat, an immersive road trip that holds space for black women to separate from the city, and pour themselves into nature.

She is elated to bring back the retreat for Spring 2022! 

Jerrell also hosts and produces, The Flow Up Podcast, a show where she candidly speaks her truth, promotes self healing practices, and holds taboo conversations with others.

Most recently, Jerrell crafted her first product, Flora Water. She was intrigued by the rich history of Florida Water, and intuitively began to handpick herbs, and flowers, to be brewed and added to her self care routine. 



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Also known as, Florida Water, Eau De Cologne, or Fountain of Youth, Flora Water is a soft, yet memorable, citrus based astringent with notes of fresh herbs and flowers.  

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