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What can I expect from this experience?

Our theme for this year's adventure is, Receive & Connect.  In preparation for this retreat, get ready to receive exactly what you need. The reflections from last year's retreat are on a spectrum, from clarity on big life transitions, to overcoming fears and phobias, your needs are unique and will be honored.  Opening your heart to receiving what is ready for you, is a powerful way to approach this retreat. 

This intimate excursion, hosting only 10 attendees is a space to celebrate women of color in connection with nature.  Some distractions can trigger anxiety, stress and overwhelm.  Yoga + Hiking Self Care Retreat is here to replenish your energy, to guide you out of the city and place your spirit in the nurturing environment of the outdoors. With accommodations being the only home on the road for miles, you'll drown in stars  and witness the sun crack over the horizon. It's beautiful out there. 

Soft Itinerary

Friday, June 7th

Departure, 9am

Transportation for this retreat is included with your ticket! Our 15 passenger van will depart from an undisclosed location in Chicago, IL (shared upon payment) and we will travel on a 4 1/2 hour road trip to Madison, IN.  Enjoy the scenic view, pull out that book you've been trying to get through, pop in your earbuds, kee-kee with sis next to you,  and enjoy not having to drive  (if you prefer to drive, you're welcome to, the price will remain the same) (If driving, we ask that you trail us the entire way).  Halfway through our drive, we'll make a pit spot at my favorite local distillery that produces moonshine and sells hand crafted bottles, infused seasonings and other gifts you won't find anywhere else. 

Soon after, we'll arrive at our lodging, a spacious AirBnB surrounded by fields, adjacent to a farm, and tucked away for the ultimate secluded experience. All bedrooms are shared occupancy, 2 beds and 2 guests per room.


Once settled, we'll have dinner on site and flow into our first workshop led by Sensual Goddess, Tina Powell.  Tina will guide a spirit-infused movement that connects the dancer back to her true Goddess nature. The time will incorporate stretching, sensual dance, meditation and intention setting. Expect to have fun, and feel empowered! 


Don't forget to stargaze before bed!

Soft Itinerary

Saturday & Sunday, June 8th & 9th

Every guest is encouraged to choose at least one morning to watch the sunrise. It's truly breathtaking and well worth the cost of getting up a little bit earlier.



Morning Outdoor Yoga is offered, led by Yoga Instructor, Jerrell Simpson and Janise Jackson. 


Bountiful Fresh Breakfast Spread 


We Hike!

The highlight of our trip, a half day hike at one of the best State Parks in the Midwest. With several waterfalls along the trail, your thoughts will get lost and found in the ebb and flow of nature. Please be mindful, this hike includes easy, moderate and rigorous trails. All experience levels are welcome and safety is our top priority. With this in mind, hiking boots/shoes are MANDATORY in order to participate. We will cross over slippery rocks, walk through a dark cave (no worries, the flash on your phone will give ample light), and crab walk down hills when necessary, you must have hiking footwear to protect yourself. I'm sharing the difficulty of this trail to remind you that you are strong. This challenge is nothing you can't handle, and I promise the rewards from this self care retreat will continue to show up for you, long after your return home.


After the hike, we'll return back to the property for dinner. 


Workshop led by Licensed Therapist, Porschia Johnson to help unpack our experiences. 


8AM Outdoor Yoga 


Bountiful Fresh Breakfast Spread

Free Time until our 2pm Checkout

*For our last meal, we will make a stop on our way back home, attendees are responsible for this cost only

Soft Itinerary

Jerrell Simpson


Retreat Leader, Certified Yoga & Reiki Practitioner

Prioritizing self care in your daily routine is essential to your well being. I'm honored your curiosity in this retreat has led you this far, are you ready to flow to the next level?

Janise Jackson



Certified Yoga Instructor & Nature Enthusiast

Holding intentional space for sisterhood, loving on ourselves, loving on one another...receiving and sharing in this magic that makes womanhood so glorious, join us!

Tina Powell


Sensual Movement Goddess


Sensual movement is a powerful self-care tool.  I love helping women to build confidence and connect lovingly to themselves. 

Porschia Johnson


Licensed Therapist


I enjoy practicing therapy from holistic approaches and working with mind, body and spirit framework.


All Inclusive Retreat $499

{Breakfast, Lunch, & Dinner Served Daily}

{Round Trip Ground Transportation from Chicago, IL to Madison, IN}

{Self Care ToolKit: Hand Selected Healing Crystals, Sage Bundle, Teas, Essential Oils, Soy Candle, Retreat Tank Top, and more}

{Distillery Tour & Sample Admission}

{Donation Based Private Session w/ Therapist, Porschia Johnson optional}

{Donation Based Private Reiki Session w/ Jerrell Simpson optional}

{Guided Meditations & Workshops}

(Yoga Every Morning}

{Shared Occupancy Accommodation, 2Beds/2Guests per room}

{Guided 1/2 Day Hike}

{Private FaceBook Group Add, exclusively for staff & attendees of the retreat}

{and other gems that can't be confined to parenthesis}