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Rosemary Bay Blend

Rosemary Bay Blend


The darkest, and richest blend of them all! This water is the most potent, with suggested use for releasing energy that no longer serves you, clearing/cleansing space, and protection (especially when around large groups of people daily). 


Your handpoured water is from batch no. 9, and has brewed for over 2 full moon cycles.  


Please be inspired by our list of favorite ways to enjoy Flora Water, while being encoraged to follow your own intuition. 


If you like this product, let us know on Instagram by using #theflowupwater so we can thank you, and show you some love back!



  • More About Our Water

    7.5 ounces

    repurposeful glass bottle with corkscrew neck

    this product is NOT to be injested orally

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